It releases

It releases "the Canter Eco hybrid"

parallel-style diesel hybrid system on Canter July 5, 2006 when I adopted the engine of the hybrid. Unlike Hino, Toyota (HIMR) method, I enabled departure and the run only with a motor by putting a clutch between an engine and motors, and the rate to regenerate improved. In addition, I adopted lithium ion battery (product made in Hitachi vehicle energy) that I led the other companies. The engine is equipped with 4M42 type of 3.0L, DOHC16 valve common rail direct-injection diesel turbo engine, and, as for the gearbox, INOMAT-II using the product made in bosh shifting unit is put together to the fifth-speed manual transmission made in AISIN SEIKI Co., Ltd. 46% of reduction, mileage achieve around 14% of improvement with NOx in comparison with a car mounted with a normal 4.8L engine each in 41%, PM.
On August 4, 2006, I add a regulation conformity car for a new long term. I made the three diamond which was a symbol of Mitsubishi which the design was reviewed including environmental performance at the same time, and was performed other than the Fuso brand in 2000 chromeplating, and a front grill and the changes such as the changes (Canter -> FUSO) of the letter of Canter of the mud flap got close to for many years were performed. In addition, I will stick the Canter logo on the door of right and left in the form of the sticker while a front grill became FUSO. In addition, the specifications that the notation of the front grill becomes MITSUBISHI FUSO for European specifications exist.